Green new development for Turkey

Thursday 15 Nov 2012

AllesWirdGut's urban design for Istanbul channels natural energy for comfort factor

BIO Campus is an urban masterplanning project form AllesWirdGut with engineers Transsolar and urban planner Ton Matton which looks to transform a large site on the outskirts of Istanbul into a thriving new development at a human scale. The team plan to create a network of public spaces and dynamic buildings that are inspired by the undulations of the natural environment, harnessing the Earth’s energies to provide sustainable cooling and lighting methods for this eco-friendly scheme.

A mission statement released by the three-pronged team reads: "Humans are social creatures and thrive in urban spaces that foster social connections. Because of this, a shift to a more dense, urban living would provide an outlet for social interaction and conditions under which humans can prosper.

"Contrary to common belief, urban systems can be more environmentally sustainable than rural or suburban living. With people and resources located so close to one another it is possible to save energy and resource things such as food, transportation and mass transit systems. Finally, cities benefit the economy by locating human capital in one relatively small geographic area where ideas can be generated."

As such, AllesWirdGut, Transsolar and Tom Matton are proposing a self-sufficient and self-supporting community where commerical and retail units, recreational and leisure facilities, and day-to-day amenities are located in close proximity to one another. As part of this strategy, factors such as vegetation, light-reflecting colours and various water features will be brought into play to reduce dependency on air-conditioning.

Comfort is key to this new development and the collaboration is aware of the discomfort often experienced by those not used to warm climatic conditions. To enhance the comfort of users, facades which filter sunlight will be used throughout to supply sufficient natural daylight to the interiors, highly efficient air handling systems will be installed, green plants and open spaces will be inserted to improve local microclimate and individual control of personal room climate installed as standard.

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