The co-location project represents the beginning of a new era for Statoil's international operations, joining disparate parts of the organisation, currently housed in several different locations with Oslo, in one office. In the design, a-lab prioritised the synergy of the volume and the context.

One of the main preconditions for the scheme is that the footprint has to fit inside the footprint of the existing multi-storey car-park. This is achieved by breaking the homogenous office program into five equally sized lamellas, each are dimensioned in order to get the most flexible office plans. The stacking of these then creates sight-lines between and minimises the visual impact of the height required to fit the program within the tight site area. The primacy of the park is ensured by allowing the office lamellas to cantilever beyond the basic footprint.

The in-between space created by the stacking of the lamellas, is transformed into a public covered 'square' where all the activities come across. It is a monumental atrium, accommodating the public programs and the main circulation.

The office machine provides innumerable possibilities for configuring the workspace, both at the individual level and as a whole within the organisation. The arrangement of the social cores within the overall framework of the circulation promotes positive interaction between employees, teams and departments. Optimalisation of the facades ensures the visual connection with the surrounding landscape, fjord and city in the distance.

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