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Bakamhouse P/L designs new mixed-use towers for Mostar

by James 31 October 2012
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    'Towers in Love' artistically represents two women in a symbol of unification, happiness and life development. The Towers are 'dressed' in a façade pattern with a metal frame structure, planned to accommodate solar panels to generate the towers’ energy. The sculptured women idea was chosen naturally as symbol of presenting the 'mother land' and to represent unification, communication and happiness.

    The towers are connected with a glazed transparent bridge with heliport at a height of approximately 200m. The bridge will be one of the highest transparent areas in the world and will be tourist attraction. A 'business plaza' with café, restaurants and entertainment is included at the base of the towers. the towers also accommodate an atrium from ground up to bridge level.

    Designed as a mixed-use commercial development, the towers accommodate a total area of approximately of 120, 000sq m, with height approximately from 240m - 270m. The 'heads' of the towers are planned to rotate as an additional tourist attraction. Th site area is around 300m x 200m. Underground parking could accommodate between 1,200 and 2,000 spaces.

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