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Bakamhouse P/L designs new towers as tourist attarction

by James 31 October 2012
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    The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a young country, 'born' 20 years ago after the civil war of three major groups of people and religions in the region. In the name of democracy, the country was fully destroyed and the young people are still leaving the country looking for work and happiness all around the world.

    Sarajevo is the capital city still fighting to organise employment and normalcy for the population of 4 million people after the destructive war. In recent times, 20km away in the small town of Visoko, Professor Dr Semir Osmanagic has discovered a great archaeological site with the oldest and highest pyramids in the world. There is an archaeological site with not one, but five pyramids described as a complex of 'Bosnian Valley of Pyramids'. 

    For the last five years research has lead some world experts to believe that they are between 12,000 and 15,000 years older than the more famous Egyptian Pyramids. The highest pyramid in the world is found here, the 'Pyramid of the Sun' with a height of 220m. "This is not an experiment anymore as hundreds of pieces of evidence are there" say Bakamhouse "and we believe it is time to take the next step. What is missing is a business proposal to commercialise with a great development at world level and we are in process of conceptual planning."

    "'Sky Dancers', together with 'Towers in Love' in city of Mostar, will generate huge business, excitement and hope for the future of this small country. With it, we will be the only country in Europe to survive the multinationals and remain a good example of mixing differences in order to support nature and produce a better world"

    Bakamhouse aims to build a 'world wonder' monument for the current generation, helping the country move forward from the civil war and move the city back onto the world scene to promote business with the Pyramids, enhance and stimulate the tourist industry, employ people and create new hope and wonder for the young generations.

    Cycles HOMOidi – Image 3/6 “Sky Dancers”© in Bosnian Valley of Pyramids

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