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Aedas design new facility for cultural arts and sports in Qingdao

by James 31 October 2012 Sport in architecture
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    Qingdao Chengyang Cultural Arts & Sports Center is located on the eastern portion of the district’s existing cultural plaza. The crystal-like building massing creates a multidimensional interaction with the surrounding street façades and helps to shape the public activity on the plaza. At the same time, the massing and landscape concept serves to extend the central axis from the existing cultural plaza in order to produce a seamless spatial connection and unified civic space.

    The dynamic geometry of the theater and stadium seek to establish an entirely new city image with unique public spaces that reflect the variety and dynamism of local urban life. Local stones have been utilised to create a layered façade concept that adds a sense of depth and place to the project.

    The concept for the museum and archive is inspired by Qingdao’s unique history that blends traditional Chinese values with the influence of Western ideals brought to China over the past few centuries. The building form and spatial quality draws on Qingdao’s distinctive vernacular architecture which represents this blend of East and West.

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