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Aedas designs new mixed-use project in Sichuan

by James 31 October 2012
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    The Community Mix project explores a highly integrated and overlapping mixed-use typology. It attempts to test the threshold of where individual programs collide, overlap and hopefully even morph into interaction spaces with rich ambiguity.

    With a client brief of a self-sustaining, commercial development aligned toward a mutual interest of bridging both physical and cyber worlds together – the project explores and tests how the individual, viable programs of the brief are related, positioned and infused into each other. These unknown, undefined and hopefully inspirational events are maximised and exploited while still maintaining functionality of the individual components and optimising the overall developmental viability.

    Located within a new technology core in the capital of Sichuan, PRC, the Community Mix project serves as a nodal development to the district. The project positions its seven individual uses deliberately to knit the project with its urban context as well as functionally explore internal relationships.

    The project has a site area of 153,899 sq m and an above-ground floor area of 461,690 sq m consisting of offices, corporate headquarters, showroom, hotel, residential and retail uses. The major components of the office and headquarters are positioned on the northern edge of the site relating to a major vehicular corridor with good frontage. The residential components are positioned on the southern side of the site toward less contextual density and satisfying required southern light exposure. The design then explores how to knit these elements together while maximising opportunities for interaction.

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