Wednesday 31 Oct 2012

Abundant court in urban residential area, looking up to the Tokyo sky.

SKYCOURT is an ambitious renovation project that involved transforming a japanese bubble era house into a modern home connected to the city and the sunlight. The original plan was a dated two-storey house with cramped bedrooms, small windows with no indoor/outdoor flow.

The client wanted to maximize the living space, create a private backyard and develop a structure flooded with the daylight. As the original house was a part of twin houses, the clients also wanted to decorate the facade to severe the link with the sibling. Achieving the clients goal within the constraints of the building, it was required a number of key changes: The new tent structure on the top of the building creates a new third-storey with outside deck. Opening the south of the house and punching a courtyard give abundant daylight. To further capitalize on these changes, the order of the house was reversed so that the living, dining and kitchen were shifted to the upper floors giving those areas access to even more light.

One of the key features of this project is melding of indoor/outdoor space. The new courtyard serves as a separator between the kitchen and the living room while ensuring visual connection between the interior space and the roof-top terrace. Similarly, the lounge on the third floor is connected to the outdoor deck and open to the view of Tokyo skyscrapers. Another important feature is the creation of unusual volume. The hole punched through the roof creates a heart-like space open to the sky and the angular roof cap is juxtaposed against the existing straight walls. The COURT bathes the home with soft light and allows its occupants to gaze at the SKY.

SKYCOURT is the space where one can feel connected and yet away from the city.

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