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Wednesday 31 Oct 2012

New centrepiece for the Port of Brisbane’s new world-class precinct

The simple open office floor plates of this Green Star rated building enjoy vistas across the Port of Brisbane and surrounds. Workspaces provide users with personal comfort control, access to views & daylight and 100% fresh air, creating an enviable environment for work.

The architectural language of the building shapes a new physical identity for the Port of Brisbane. This identity is grounded in the functionality of providing a high quality environment for the staff of the Port of Brisbane. It is an environment defined by connections - individuals to views, natural light, and fresh air, individuals to individuals, public to private, the wider Port and the office and beyond to the greater Wide Bay and South East Queensland. This identity manifests in a building that is structured into two distinct languages: one language fluid, evolving; the other structured, secure and controlled.

This distinction helps to define public and private zones in the building. The ‘private’ office levels float three stories above the ground, providing a visual connection with the Port and surrounds. A verandah surrounds these workspaces, creating sky gardens and outdoor breakout spaces. The verandah also shades the building’s façade for 80% of the year. Connecting these private office levels is an oval shaped atrium and curved stair.

This geometry forms a nexus with the orthogonal workstations and meeting rooms, creating casual meeting spaces. The atrium is a physical and visual connecting device, and it also plays a unique role environmentally. In normal building operation the atrium’s glass roof allows natural light to penetrate the office floors. In the event of a fire, the atrium roof will automatically retract, allowing smoke to escape. The design team took on the challenge of responding to the development’s local and regional contexts while appreciating the unique cultural, organisational and social requirements of the Port of Brisbane. The result is a flexible, positive and inspirational vessel for working.

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