SHW Group transforms office building into vibrant student Welcome Center

Welcome Centre serves Henry Ford Community College students using a commercial service model in repurposed building

by Megan 30 October 2012
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    The new home of HFCC's Welcome and Enrollment Centre is designed within the restraints on an existing 1970's office building which was repurposed to accommodate it. While the scope posed many challenges, a cutting-edge welcome centre has been developed which will focus on a positive experience for students registering for classes.

    The entire concept is based on the service model of the Apple Store. As soon as a student walks into the building, they are immediately directed to a service point that is designed to assist with their needs in a timely manner.

    The newly re-purposed space is a total transformation that takes advantage of natural light by allowing it to reach into the core of the building. This is accomplished by locating all director level offices in the middle of the building and providing the administrative work areas and public spaces around the perimeter. Open work station layout offers true flexibility with the rooms by allowing a specific use during the "busy season". During the off-peak season, rooms can be utilized as testing areas or lecture classrooms for the college.

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