Landmark design for Pune

Mandviwala Qutub & Associates' sculpted form puts their own artsitic stamp on the Pune skyline

by James 29 October 2012
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    The brief for Pune One was to design a landmark, offering premium commercial complex with state of the art facilities and amenities and prove to be an icon in Pune’s Infrastructure. As a designer, MQA's aim was for the bold form of the towers to create a unique focal point on Pune's skyline.

    The office towers sit on three-level retail podium that is landscaped and provides for a terrace pool and gymnasium. Within its generous base, individual grand lobbies, office spaces, restaurants, conference rooms, indoor sports and retail functions surround an atrium.

    The office floor plans simply vary through the floors depending on the form of the volume, size and orientation. By creating a continuous form of exterior context, the retail below would serve as a connection between the three towers. The three standing towers set over an expanse of 4 acres, rising high above the largely low-rise roof scape. The arrangement of the towers is responsive to solar direction – the structure run vertically along the east and west directions that allow uninterrupted movement of air - a place in the shade, so crucial for buildings in city’s warm climate.

    The horizontal facades face the north. The height of the building rises towards the south end of the site, offering shade to rest of the towers and garden below. Solid core has been designed in south west part of each tower, reducing the heat gain to the office spaces and rendering the building more energy efficient. The design thus creates a building responsive to its climate and location while being sculptural in its version of form. The elevated triplets rises above the cubic volume creates its own identity in Pune.


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