Drawing back the veil

Sunday 28 Oct 2012

Takehiko Nez Architects completes extension to an existing hair salon in Yamanashi

Focusing on creating a more inviting street elevation, the design for this extension project features a veil-like glass facade that is completely transparent to the activities within. Respecting and working with the pre-existing building, the extension sits slightly removed to the east, to sit closely to the open parking lot. This arrangement creates an outdoor / interstitial space that serves as a garden between the two volumes.

An underground level, which houses the shampooing area, provides access to the main building, rendering the new cutting area as a freestanding pavilion. Wrapped in a transparent skin, the new space establishes an airy atmosphere within that is open to its immediate site. Long curtains on both sides of the layout enable the staff to control the amount of sunlight intake.

Opening to a double-height volume, the finish and treatment of the ceiling form continues the veil-like language of the glazing in layers and folds that create dynamic shadow play.

In a time when the extended usage of the existing building stock has become an important aspect of the design practice, a thorough observation, insight and imagination, in respect to the existing conditions and possibilities, is needed when designing an extension or renovation, even more so than is required for the design of a new building. Above all, rather than just simply designing objects, it has become desirable to integrate newly created relations into the design in response to the existing site conditions.

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