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Tuesday 23 Oct 2012

Contrast of materials in stunning new home by Peter Ruge Architekten in Germany

A unique block of flats, designed by Peter Ruge Architekten, sits upon a hill in the district Potsdam-Mittelmark. The site overlooks the nearby lake creating breathtaking views from the building. Its surroundings are dominated by a combination of historical and modern mansions where many old and large trees have been kept.

The new building is designed as a modern residential building with 3 flats. The floor plans are designed to be flexible and open with the main flat extending across two floors.  An external staircase runs up one façade and joins all three flats together. Simple and reserved materials including exposed concrete, glass, wood, natural stone have been used. This palette underlines the modern architectural style and accentuates a focus on the connection between the interior and outdoor spaces.

The concept for the facades plays with the contrast of open and closed which is dependent on the surroundings and importance of natural perspectives. The narrow sides are glazed toward the south into the garden and toward the north with the magnificent view over the lake. The west and east facades which face neighbouring sites have few openings. They have been created out of large prefabricated concrete elements and some narrow glass bands.

The interior appears light, bright and friendly with the light brought in through the open glazed south and north facade. During the seasons the changing surroundings of the large deciduous trees alter the spatial impression in building. In the winter users will have a panoramic view, due to the lack of foliage with bright sun light entering the spaces. However in the summer due to a closed tree canopy there will be more focused views with more shadows and diffused sunlight.

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