Urban oasis in Skopje

Panoramic views afforded by Macedonian residential block now under construction

by James 20 October 2012
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    In this residential project in Macedonia, architect Gemma Inzenering doo looked to influence the natural- and man-made formations while considering the responsibility towards the present and the future generations of Skopje as well as a responsibility to the visitors of the city.

    The inspiration for this project was found in the idea of balance between the different aspects of life, the philosophy as the ideal combination between the different moves, materials and angles of the façade in ideal balance and harmony, and at the same time provoking maximum excitement and individuality of the experiences.

    Because of its specific and delicate location in the area that represents a protected park-forest, it was of special significance to create a vision that would be adequate to the tightened surroundings as well as with the future development phases of the town.

    Having all this in mind, the architect agreed to a design that is completely functional and at the same time, represents a unique sculpture, stepping out of the ordinary, recognisable by its strong architectural position.

    Since there was the opportunity to design and coordinate the architectural segments of the project with the interior, the message of balance and luxury in housing stretches continuously throughout the object, visible to the smallest detail, making it the most comfortable environment for those living, working, shopping and residing in the PANORAMA - Skopje Complex.


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