A celebration of La Rioja

Madrid-based Rivas y Urena Arquitectos wins ARQUIDEAS International Competition Landscape, Architecture and Wine

by Sian 18 October 2012
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    This modest concept is the winning entry to the ARQUIDEAS International Competition Landscape, Architecture and Wine for a site in La Rioja, Spain. Designed by Madrid-based duo Isabel and Javier from Rivas y Urena Arquitectos, the design looks to create a catalyst in ‘wine pairing’, generating new culinary experiences for visitors, local people and young cooks.

    Moving away from the oft-used approach of building into a set landscape, Rivas y Urena Arquitectos plan to work in harmony with the natural setting, explaining: “The geometry of the project comes as a result of the interpretation of the landscape pattern and the proposed program. All the requirements are met with this solution, respecting the ground topography, thus blending with it.”

    On the same wavelength, sustainability plays a major role throughout the design. The team suggests using a matrix of local pine wooden slats in a diagonal grid to ensure low carbon footprint a robust structure for years of heavy wear. The façade structures are to be 30cm-100cm in depth to ensure sufficient sunshade for the blazing Spanish sunlight with grape vines entwined upon them to offer even more coverage over the years. Rainwater will also be collected for reuse within the property.

    Rivas y Urena Arquitectos has proposed a series of planters at 40cm in height which will also double as seating for visitors. Much thought has been put into the species of vegetation introduced to the new development, with a large number of native trees - some endangered - and a range of climbing fronds from traditional grape vines to ivy and wild grapes.


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