Let's twist again...

Minimalist meets hunter's lodge at Haus am Weinberg by UNStudio and Ben van Berkel

by Sian 17 October 2012
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    UNStudio and Ben van Berkel have recently completed a private residence in the scenic Stuttgart area, wedged between an ancient hillside vineyard and the main bulk of the city. Rising up from a sloping green site, Haus am Weinberg twists on itself creating a fluid, organic form which generates a plethora of picturesque views during one’s journey through the house.

    The programme distribution of the private residence follows the path of the sun, drawing natural light into the core of the building throughout the day. With support granted by an elevator shaft, two pillars and one inner column, the light that pours into the interior is also uninterrupted by unnecessary columns. As such, the four corners of home are fully glazed with dramatically curving swathes of glass.

    As UNStudio explains: “By means of sliding panes, this corner of the house can fully open up to further blur the boundaries inside and outside. Views from the living room are extended by means of a fully glazed corner affording open vistas toward the nearby parklands to the South-West. Further views from the twist are encountered on the second level, where the master sleeping and wellness areas are located.”

    The natural light that floods the interior volumes is enhanced by white clay stucco walls flecked with reflective stone fragments, natural oak flooring and natural stone wall inserts however at the heart of the building is an acoustically rich multi-purpose room ‘dedicated to music, masculine conviviality and the hunt’. Decorated with a plethora of taxidermy, this music room has acoustic dark wood panels which give a much more indulgent feel.


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