Concept design for Tomb in London

Thursday 11 Oct 2012

Modern form of traditional Mughal tomb in the garden style of the subcontinent

Muslim Saint’s Tomb in London Tomb by Malik Arch Practice is a modern form of the traditional Mughal tomb garden style of the subcontinent. Tomb is modern replica of Mughal tomb garden concept.

Concrete is used for construction rather than traditional materials (stone or bricks). The tomb is square in form with a central large dome. A central chamber which is also square in form contains the grave of a Saint and is surrounded by covered walkways on all four sides having five arches on each side.

The most spectacular feature of the tomb is its large double dome surrounded by four small minarets and four large minarets on all four corners of the building top.

The outer large dome rests on a square drum which is raised above the main building. To provide aesthetics and human scale to the interior another dome is built to have a lower glass decorative ceiling.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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