A Center of Activity for Health Care

by Sarah 08 October 2012
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    Full service meeting place for customers, employees, and for visiting health care professionals.

    Terveystalo Oy needed a "full service" meeting place for its customers and employees, and for visiting health care professionals.

    Terveystalo is the market leader and industry forerunner in customer-oriented approach in health care and wants to invest in future workplaces. The main driver for design process was how to best meet customer and other interest group needs, internal needs for meetings and to have a virtual information centre.

    Workspace designed a modern "hub" called Piazza focusing serving the customers and company visitors from around the country. At the same time it is a place for changing ideas and a centre for information flow. The most important interior design target was to create a casual living room type of space that challenges the conservative perceptions of hospital and healthcare architecture.

    The 833 square metre space includes three zones. An open informal meeting space with a cafe where visitors and employees can also work. Meeting spaces designed for brainstorming, learning and decision-making. And a working area for Terveystalo employees with internal meeting rooms, drop-in and permanent workstations.

     The Piazza enables a new flexible and social office culture where you choose a different place to work everyday. Even the managing director does that according to his daily needs. Along the drop-in workstations Terveystalo wanted to bring all corporate services close to the main "hub" to be close to the customers and serve them better.

    Virtual Piazza enables Terveystalo to be in contact with all its 6,500 employees in 150 locations due to modern ICT technology and spatial design to support that. Other interest groups can be reached as easily for virtual meetings and seminars etc.

    The new solution supports well the open organizational culture of the company. Workspace's solution is a design concept, which Terveystalo can multiply to its hospitals, health care centres and other offices.


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