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Amsterdam University College opens up a new Science Park by Mecanoo Architects

by Sian 04 October 2012 Sustainable Buildings
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    Science Park, Amsterdam, is the new home for the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at the Amsterdam University College. The design created by Mecanoo Architects, is located in the eastern part of the city, close Amsterdam's historic seventeenth-century city centre. Following its recent completion this year, 900 international students have entered the new school.

    Surrounded by other science buildings, the Science Park provides an interesting environment for the AUC with optimal opportunities for the development of ideas and talent. The park has an urban character in which buildings, landscape and public space are strongly intertwined. Science Park encompasses a range of spaces including office buildings, laboratories and educational facilities, hotel, conference facilities, sports and cultural programs, restaurants and housing.  

    The AUC is an inspiring and sustainable building for the students and their teachers. It is a place where one can study, learn, debate, work together and relax; a house where talent, ideas and ambitions come together. The new AUC is located next to the Anna Hoeve, a historic farmhouse, which is surrounded by mature trees. Together, they form the new entrance to the Science Park, which is accessible from both the city and the new train station.

    Mecanoo has designed an inviting sculptural building that matches the design language and materialisation of the adjacent building, creating contrasts with the more business like architecture of the Science Park. The building's characteristic zigzagging roof has created a strong sense of identity for the Amsterdam University College.

    Daylight is able to enter deep into the building from three elongated voids, forming a visual relationship between the different floors and broad staircases. The bent roof forms an attic where the more contained, quiet study areas and library are housed.

    The AUC is a sustainable building with a Greencalc + score set at a building index of 200. The compact building mass creates an optimal ratio between wall and floor surface where the relationship between open and closed surfaces in the facade is optimised. The building uses thermal storage and concrete thermal massing. The large roof area has a sedum roof cover that provides insulation and water storage.
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