An origami design

KLID keep original structure of building to create a new real estate agency

by Elena 03 October 2012
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    This project is both architecture and interior work to create an real estate agency. The building has been reused, retaining the original floor slab and structure columns of the shops on floor 1 and floor 2. The architects then knocked out all external walls and windows, to repack the project.

    From the facade to the interior, the concept of design is a paper folding art as a whole, which expands out based on the original building structure, making a cortex with the shape of origami and wraps up the old building.

    The transformation of an old building can't been seen, it is just like a brand new building, both the entire shape and the interior are used by irregular origami surface to form the space, form a whole from the wall, ceiling and outer facade.


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