Screencast is a company dedicated to publicity at cinemas in Mexico; its purpose is to innovate as well as in technology and conceptually.

Through many different products to reach as many people as possible with their publicity and remain in their minds.

Starting off from this idea, Rima's design endeavours to impact the daily users and visitors of this space. Visiting a cinema is a sensorial experience in many aspects, the combination of colours, sounds, moving images along with the story of the movie, generates different sensations. In this case, the project tries to provoke the user: the blending of the materials, their disposition in the space and the colour play and important role. For example the entrance hall where we can find a colourful lattice made of MDF, where it serves to delimit the reception from the working area, as well as a guide to move across the space.

The rusted concrete on the floor, corrugated sheets on the walls are reminiscent of an old film studio, but using modern office furniture and contemporary design lamps, we achieve a great balance.

The office is divided in several types of spaces: one open office space with multiple desks, a closed meeting room, and closed offices for mangers.

The lighting was considered to cover the necessities for the employees, and to accentuate some specific parts of the environment. Finally, a set of ceiling panels display classic movie quotes to create a fun game and shows how the cinema echoes in our minds.

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