An office space that departs from the tradition of logical assembly of functions and attempts to create a secular and livelier environment that engages the occupants with light, reflections, textures and is further complimented by dynamic mechanism.

The office (85.5 square metre area) stands on a busy road on the edge of a residential area. A small courtyard leads to the office through a quiet walkway which seems to float on the reflective lotus pond, with a small water spout breaking the silence.

Entry to the office is through a tall mirrored door that creates a sense of infinite depth and illusion. Once inside, the office is a simple homogeneous space with a working studio to the right and a discussion space to the left. However, there many nuances to engage with, whether it is the cascading exposed brick walls, or industrial method of lighting and cooling of the workstations, or the way the conference space slides out over the lotus pond with just few turns of the gears.

The colours are an honest expression of the material, be it of metal, brick or wood. In the choice of furniture, attention has been paid to transparency and mobility. Most of the furniture is movable and offers the opportunity of multi-use to create personal workspaces. Acrylic drafting tables transform into a long or a square conference table and a personalized storage caddy can be moved anywhere you like so that you can sit and design. A very comprehensive workstation encapsulates storage on the ceiling level, followed by fan blower and light feature.

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