Bringing the garden inside

29 Sep 2012

Kris Lin takes inspiration form traditional Chinese gardens

This project is a for real estate agency selling townhouses and apartments, located in a flourishing urban area crowded with people and moving cars; a very noisy environment. From the outset, the design needed to isolate the noisy traffic outside, so as to achieve the quiet and elegant indoor atmosphere. It is designed to 'melt' the Chinese garden concept into the interior space, giving people the feeling of walking in the garden.

KLID use a lot of elements of a Chinese garden in the room; from the entrance, the light shade onto the bridge passing across the pool, the middle of the pool passes across the suspending wall. This wall is designed with a waterfall, while the end of the bridge features a copper made lotus pond.

A turn through the arch marks an entry into the next room, the moving line of the whole process is the use of pace-moving and view-shifting methods in the design of Chinese gardens, a visual end-view will be seen after walking some paces or a turn.

A VIP room is designed with a pavilion concept - there are five pavilions in total, which are all in semi-open forms. The five pavilions do not disturb each other; a row of trees is arranged near the pavilions, the coloured stainless steel is used to create the impression of a fence.

Although a lot of elements such as the bridge, waterfall, lotus pond and pavilion are reminiscent of traditional Chinese gardens, these are expressed through modern techniques and styling. Metal, wood, marble and other materials are adopted for their texture and shape, which are intended to create an elegant and noble space.

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