One stone causes thousands of layers of waves

This project is a Real Estate Sales Centre. The owner is China Vanke Co. Ltd (the world's largest real estate company).

In the original space, irregular pillar positions and tubes, as well as asymmetric wall spaces make the space pattern look disordered, which is also a difficult problem at the beginning of the design.

This project is close to the scenic area Dongli Lake. Standing at the lakefront, the game of throwing little stones into the river is recalled--- one stone causes thousands of layers of waves. Thus, the idea of "WAVE" was put forward.

The "WAVE" model connects different spaces and functions as a series, including the stairs, movie theatre, exhibition wall, bar counter, negotiation desk, and many pillars and tube wells. This enables the original untidy space to become harmonious and united.

The suspended ceiling, which is made in the shapes of waves, adopts the idea of "one stone causes thousands of layers of waves".

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