AOL Canada Offices Test Fit

27 Sep 2012

Collaborative spaces on dislplay at AOL

Situated in a former light industrial factory, AOL seized the opportunity to create an eclectic workspace that fused youthful vitality with the history and heritage of the building.

With just over 15,000 square metres of space, AOL has gained a balanced fusion of eclectic and modern styles, in a workspace that promotes playful social engagement and idea-sharing between urban trend-setters.

The steel barn doors, concrete block walls, and numerous other original features recall this loft's industrial past. The exposed brick and wooden beam structure are complemented by the classic, mid-century modern furniture pieces. The result is a space that feels akin to an oversized living room.

Local artists were engaged to create extraordinary signature furniture pieces using reclaimed materials. The handcrafted reception desk was modelled after an industrial tool chest. The wire chandelier echoes the light industrial heritage of the building, while the basket weave form provides a more contemporary feel. The black central wall contrasts with the warm, nostalgic look of the brick and beams, as it leads to a handsome, tooled, industrial black iron staircase that connects both floors within the premises.

At the foot of the stair, on the lower level, is a community café-lounge, while on the upper level the area adjacent the stairs is dedicated to recreational activities. The lower floor's café is a gathering point situated around a wooden stair platform. The upper floor offers dining and gaming areas accented with unique furniture, art and collectibles.

The transparent central bay is accented with commissioned tattoo- like graphics. Enclosed spaces wrap around wooden columns and provide views to the exposed brick walls on the interior. Large arched windows provide ample views of Toronto's many neighbourhoods and mix of urban streetscapes. 

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