As one of Canada' s leading insurance firms, Royal Sun Alliance, in its newly relocated Toronto office, has seized the opportunity to re-envision their facility as an environment that supports and embraces their philosophy of innovation, collaboration and an overarching client-focused approach.

The resulting design, developed through extensive design sessions with all employees, produced an inspiring, engaging and sophisticated environment that responds to the future of the organization while recognizing the significance of their past.

Construction was completed in March, 2012. The most significant advancement for this group was the development of a client floor featuring a variety of gathering spaces allowing a wide range of functions.

Accessed by a ‘sidewalk' that terminates in a town square, the southwest end of the floor provides traditional meeting spaces with direct access to a breakout space that is suitable for casual interaction. A catering kitchen, operable walls that modulate the space, and breakout stations enhance the multi-functionality of the space.

The southeast end of the floor houses an employee lounge, providing food preparation areas, and multiple seating options for dining and casual interaction. Clients, colleagues and staff are encouraged to mingle, engage and enjoy.

The north end of the floor is occupied by the executive team, located there to support interaction and engagement with clients and staff. Typical floors have interior offices and meeting rooms with glazed fronts to promote transparency, collaboration and communication, but also to provide access to daylight for all occupants of the facility.

Cafes placed on the north and south perimeter of the building, promote interaction between business units on a daily basis, The corners of the floor plates have been allocated for team meetings and non-bookable lounges for gatherings.

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