The most common complaints voiced by legal associates, as found in a recent American Lawyer survey, are lack of transparency and poor communication. In response to this, an innovative Canadian based law firm hired TPG Architecture to design their first international office in New York City.

The completed 30,000 square foot offices feature the latest thinking in law firm planning. Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by an elevator lobby clad in bronze back painted glass and limestone floors sourced from Canada.

Sliding metal screen doors open directly onto a Rachel Beach sculpture that engages into a dialogue with the Bryant Park skyline. The reception features a warm, rich palette with fumed oak floors and dark bronze finishes. The art showcased in the reception ties the New York office to the Toronto headquarters, which features an impressive art collection.

Several Torys' partners obtained art degrees before their law degrees, making art a key driver of the design. Art is an integral part of the firm's culture and brand, helping position Torys as a forward thinking and progressive law practice.

Just off the reception sits a large board room overlooking Bryant Park. A double glazed glass wall system creates transparency and sense of collaboration, provides everyone access to the views, and allows for the maximum level of sound filtering for privacy.

Associate and Partner offices employ a modular work wall furniture system which can be easily reconfigured to suit an attorney's work style. This modular approach also permits maximum flexibility for future office growth, as single associate offices can be quickly converted into double associate offices without the need to renovate.

The secretarial stations have a much smaller footprint than the traditional legal secretarial station, while serving the same function. This more efficient design provides increased shared space for filing, printing and storage.

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