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28 Sep 2012

Gensler Helps Texas Ad Agency Celebrate Its Wild Side

Unleashed Creativity is the Name of the Game at TM Advertising

A five-storey building adjacent to Dallas' American Airlines Center offered the perfect high-energy environment for this dynamic advertising agency.

The physical space was not without its challenges, however. Structural supports were planned according to the layout of the existing parking structure below, creating a column grid that is not aligned or regularly spaced in any direction. The rectilinear elevator and mechanical support core are situated off-centre and very close to the building's curving facade. By wrapping the core support elements in an elliptical enclosure and treating this as a prominent visual element, a natural starting point for the workspace emerged.

Rows of workstations radiate from the core, ignoring the seemingly random columns, and featuring low-profile, workbench-style furniture. Collaboration spaces were created with frameless clear glass panels to preserve connectivity to the work flow. The narrow space between the core and the windows created the perfect break zone with views of downtown. A fleet of bicycles promotes "think breaks: on the neighbouring bike trail, and a few indoor laps around the ellipse are forgiven.

An internal stair, placed on the perimeter, connects all floors physically and creatively. The fifth floor client presentation centre is arranged around a central lounge space overlooking the outdoor plaza, where clients can enjoy their advertising campaigns on the plaza's JumboTron screens.

 The space was designed as a blank slate with pockets of bold colour for meaningful impact. The idea was not to overload the palette with colour and energy, but to harness the energy both outside the building and within the minds of the employees, and give them a canvas to express it.

The results have been phenomenal. As TM President Becca Weigman said, "One of the greatest things about our new space is that everyone here has fallen in love with their job again."

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