This project is to transform the typical classroom setting into the Learning Commons for the Hong Kong Institute of Education as an active learning and discussion space, with the vision to upgrade the ambience of the area, improving the spatial arrangement, circulation flow and sense of orientation.

The site was built 14 years ago with a utilitarian interior setting. Such setting was no longer fulfilling the expectation from users who are now looking for a design with clear identity, better sense of orientation and more user oriented approaches.  

In this Learning Commons design, dynamic spaces are created and connected by activity nodes. The corridors are now replaced by open plan spaces for easier user self-orientation. Café and leisure seating areas are designed as major activity nodes at intersection point of students' passages. An escalator is introduced at the previously dead end location to re-connect the end space with the main circulation, facilitating movement within the Institute.

Vibrant colors and curved forms are used to emphasis the vivid, young and energetic atmosphere of the learning friendly environment. By opening up the plan, better visual connection is established, echoing with the improved physical connectivity. 

Key Facts

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