Camenzind Evolution created a new workspace layout to support the Unilever values in the context of Agile Working.

With the expansion of the Schaffhausen offices to create the main European hub for Unilever's Supply Chain Company, Unilever asked Camenzind Evolution to create their new 2300 metre squared office with an identity that would clearly reflect and represent their core values and visions to employees, clients and visitors alike.

In addition, Unilever wanted to make the Schaffhausen Hub a showcase of its new global 'Agile Workplace' design: a flexible approach designed around activities to maximise collaboration, employee engagement, health and wellbeing.

Agile workplaces contain different zones designed to support different types of work activities: Focus Zones for individual working, Connect Zones for collaboration and Vitality Zones to socialise and revitalise.

Camenzind Evolution's concept created a new workspace layout to support the Unilever values and visions in the context of Agile Working. It was essential to transform traditional workspaces into flexible space designed to drive innovation and ideas sharing. This was achieved by distributing differentiated functions along the periphery of the building, and additionally creating an open, centrally located staircase linking all three floors for visual and social connectivity.

Throughout the space, the Unilever brands create a constant theme. The idea of creating a sense of belonging and employee pride in Unilever was designed at many levels; strong visual branding on the core elements, displaying Unilever visions and values. Mixed product branding was cleverly employed in the individual meeting room designs, with each meeting room representing and named after selected Unilever brands. And finally, Quiet Areas and Vitality Zones were even designed with a concept of atmospheric branding through the use of brand or product attributes creating moods that evoke feelings of certain brand attributes.

 In the centre of the building are the fresh and vibrant 'Deli-Bar' and the warm and inviting 'Coffee Hub' in the Vitality Zone which introduce new social spaces on the building's two main floors. Their central location makes them an informal alternative to meeting rooms, for collaboration, networking and creative brainstorming. In the Focus Zones, there are designated Quiet Areas which offer a diverse range of work areas with different moods and atmospheres, such as the cozy and soothing 'Library' or energizing 'Garden'.

Engaging employees and visitors on so many different levels, Unilever's new offices in Schaffhausen are an excellent example how a company can bring its core values and vision to life in the context of an agile workplace - creating a flexible space designed to bring collaboration and engagement together to design a truly great place to work. The building and fit-out is designed to the very stringent 'Swiss Minergie' environmental standard.

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