The idea of our design: Avea is a telecom brand and naturally they are associated with electricity, conductivity and rays. Inspired by the ‘AV' letters of the brand we used their forms to replicate flying triangles in the sky to transfer information. We choose triangle forms as their sharp corners mark directions and they are associated with rays and flow power.

Client Brief: Avea put forward key concept words including, ‘extraordinary experience' and ‘engagement'. Furthermore, in regards to deisgn they mentioned ‘iconic', ‘inspiring' and ‘interactive'. As a telecommunication brand, Avea likes to be creative and be first in the sector. With this in mind, they imagined the ‘Avea Customer Experience Center' as a place where their customers can make simulations of their high end technological products about ‘home', ‘health', ‘education' and ‘city life'. The aim was for people to visit the centre and talk about it afterwards. Through word of mouth Avea hoped to gain in popularity around the city of Istanbul. They want to set up different customer experience points in the space. These spot-points would also be attractive for PR representatives. For example; in a 1m2 area, a mini-museum or exhibition area could be placed, where customers can see a wide range of activities such as, case studies about global warming, responsible business practices of brand and attractive objects about sports sponsorships. Customers can have extraordinary technological experiences. In other digital areas, customers can touch screens, different programs and play with high end technological toys.

About the design: Avea wanted a superior single colour, for example black with green accents or white with red touches.

The chosen design was inspired by the ‘AV' letters of brand as they associate us ‘rays' and ‘flow power' just as brand itself. Starting from the entrance we wanted to give people the feeling that they were entering a space capsule. From this point the store welcomes visitors and undertakes an exciting and mystical journey through a high end technological place. Inside, customers are faced with parent level technology perception and irrational forms, transparent crossings, full-empty separators increased this perception. Between the different spaces, V forms have been used on the ceilings, walls or floors as routers. The main detail which gives the shop the wanted mystic effect is the flying ‘V' form objects. They are transparent, have irrational forms and have lights. These objects designed with Ferrari Stamisol PVC mesh and used as separators and wall decors also. Using this high end architectural product in an extraordinary way, an increased high end technological effect has been created in-store.

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