Barrick Gold came to the Geyer project team with a clear goal - to combine their commercial sites into one ‘home' and provide a working environment enabling intuitive, efficient working.

"Everybody on one floor" was a term used to describe the intention to create an environment of equality and increase movement and communication amongst staff.

"Attractive workplace"... "intuitive highly effective technology" and a "sense of simplicity" were other terms used throughout the planning phase.

Geyer provided highly valued feasibility to resolve the best building outcome for Barrick. Premium grade facilities were selected, and linked naturally to Barrick's expectations not for perception and standing, but for performance.

Brookfield Place was defined as Barrick's new home and became a critical part of the project. Barrick demanded agile, supportive solutions to their work platform, technology and collaborative space.

The design team crafted a concept based on highly resolved workplace solutions and details that were visually simple, intelligent and enduring. Equality of Space Standards was implemented and governed across the project term. This empowered management to assess their teams on equal standing and promote a change in behaviour in the workplace.

The nature of the planning was to introduce a sense of rationale to the built space and enough flexibility that contraction and expansion had minimal impact. Investment in workstation platform was prioritised along with Separate Front of House areas that were highly usable and efficient in space, and modest at the same time.

Robust, sustainable finishes were promoted throughout. Use of FSC Cedar in Reception, Natural stone as a link to Base Building, Zinc cladding, Mineral rendering, PET fabric walls, and natural resilient floor coverings spoke of a need to have a strong palette that stood the test of time whilst creating an identity for the new Barrick home.

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