The need for this workplace initially arose from Ogilvy & Mather’s desire to consolidate its multiple Jakarta offices into a single location. As well as cutting property expenses, bringing all staff together under one roof would improve teamwork and creativity, and bring coherence to Ogilvy’s brand image in the city. Starting point for the project was a 28,027 sq-ft, two-level space in Jakarta’s central business district. Collaborating closely with Ogilvy, the M Moser design team examined the firm’s operational dynamics in depth to refine the project brief. Key requirements emerged for a mixture of open and enclosed spaces, and for a multipurpose café/meeting area. Ogilvy’s desire for a contemporary Indonesian aesthetic inspired the ‘Bali spa’ atmosphere of the 11th floor reception. Sitting atop a low timber platform, the glass-topped desk is supported by eight solid timber discs. ‘Silk cocoon’ fixtures hang from the ceiling above, with another trio of fixtures in the background marking the top of a new staircase to level 10. Flanking the reception are glass-encased meeting rooms and a conference room, their basic white minimalism animated by light fixtures in matte black and hammered copper. The work area is similarly minimalist, with open bench-type desks arranged around the naturally lit circumference of the floor. Enclosed areas were located against the building core. Descending the staircase’s conventional steps or built-in slide brings one into a versatile ‘café’. For private discussions, a circular timber platform with seating for six beckons, partially enclosed with curved panels of fabric mesh. Nearby is a long space enclosed on three sides with cosy, café-like seating. For those who simply need to relax, a series of ‘daybeds’ are located against the window wall, complete with drop-down privacy curtains. The office was completed and handed over to the client on April 15, 2011.

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