A link between cities...

25 Sep 2012

AIC EQUIP realises a new use to the old court house in the Valencia city centre

This building, which used to host the old courts in the city of Valencia, is located next to the ancient Citadel, in the limit of the once Christian wall. Its location is the result of the urban transformations operated during the 19th and 20th centuries in this area of the city.

The intervention transforms the ancient building in order to accommodate new uses such as housing, offices, commercial retail and parking facilities.

Both the volumetry together with the materiality of the proposed adjustments are intended to serve as a meeting point with the adjoining buildings, whilst providing a link between the ancient and the current city, giving its intrinsic status to the place.

The continuity of two of the blocks in the old building structure, along with the addition of the glass enclosures and wooden built-in sun protection systems, are architectural references to the physical and temporal scope of the original project.

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