A cultural ecology

21 Sep 2012

Iñaki Echeverria's creation enters 1st phase

Iñaki Echeverria, one of Mexico's emerging architects and landscape urbanists, is the creator of the original project known as Texcoco Lake Ecological Park in Mexico. The architects believe that Texcoco Park will become the largest urban park in the world, reclaiming over 143 million sq m for public spaces and green infrastructure.

This month the newspaper REFORMA, a Mexican journal, announced the construction of the first phase of the Texcoco Lake Ecological Park project. This area, located in the outskirts of the metropolitan zone of Mexico City can be reclaimed as a new ecology that incorporates nature, culture, and infrastructure: a cultural ecology.

This project has been already presented at Harvard University, in the lecture series entitled Landscape Series (spring 2011), at UPenn in the symposium 'In the Terrain of Water' (spring 2011), and at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) at the 3rd International Congress of Architecture and Environment (fall 2011).

These lands, formerly occupied by the Texcoco Lake, are key to the hydrological balance of the Mexico City Valley; the site contains 11 rivers, 14 canals of waste water, 4 water treatment plants and 5 lakes. The biggest water element, the Nabor Carrillo Lake, spreads out over 2259 acres and is a precedent to the ecological restoration of the site.

The goal is to reclaim the site as the most important green piece of infrastructure of the valley, which will make it possible to reconcile the city with its geography, incorporate the hydrological cycles as part of the metropolitan area operation, eliminate the threat of floods for the population, and contribute to re-establish the native biota. This project will be able to revitalize social, cultural and education networks of the most neglected area in Mexico City. 

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