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17 Sep 2012

Kalarch designs new riverside park in Tianjin on site of former salt fields

The WIT Riverside Park is located in northern suburban area outside Tianjin, China. Part of a SOM-planned new town, WIT is intended to serve a population of 30,000 high-tech workers and their families.

The Riverside Park is about 47 hectares and located on former salt fields and marshy lands. The goal of the park is to repair and rebuild damaged landscape while providing recreational and educational facilities for WIT.

The park is divided into three layers: the City Plaza, the Urban Park and the Nature Layer. The City Plaza Layer serves as an extension of city functions, with a series of public squares and functional buildings such as gym/clubhouses, museums, ECO educational facilities and retail shops. The Urban Park Layer contains most of park activity zones including a sports park, a children's playground, an amphitheatre, a historic park and a series of gardens featuring native plants.

A bike and jogging trail is also planned in this zone. The Nature Layer has two main components, a mixed forest zone and a working vineyard. Located on a higher topography, the Nature Layer serves as a green background for the park.

The three layers interact with each other, creating a rich visual and recreational experience. Different sceneries occur each time, as one travels either within or across the layers.

The aesthetics of the park are inspired by the rural landscape found in Northern China with geometric patterns and tall popular groves as dominating elements.

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