Students' design take on Tottenham

14 Sep 2012

Architecture students’ designs help make Tottenham smile again

Architecture students from Birmingham City University are giving Tottenham residents something to smile about with an architectural project that looks set to rejuvenate the community following last year's summer riots.

2011 saw Tottenham the centre of chaos and destruction in the midst of riots which quickly spread throughout the UK. For the past year architecture students from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) - part of Birmingham City University - have worked alongside local architects Peter Morris and Dominic McKenzie to develop a number of proposals set to make Tottenham a happier place.

The team have now launched a campaign to revitalise Tottenham's urban spaces and build a stronger community - researching proposals and developing ideas for public buildings and open spaces.

Architect and visiting professor at Birmingham City University, Dominic McKenzie said: "It's clear that a greater communal investment in public space builds cohesion and strengthens ties across towns. Communicating positive ideas about Tottenham's public spaces and proposing solutions is the first step. We want to support the community in creating new spaces and buildings that will leave a lasting legacy."

In order to fund the regeneration, the team have explored the concept of ‘crowdfunding' - where groups of people contribute to the cost of redevelopment. They have already received funding from Birmingham City University and individuals from across London which was used to fund an exhibition of the students' regeneration models last month.

Dominic continued: "It was very exciting to share our student's work with the people of Tottenham. Normally there is no such connection between the work students of architecture produce and the wider population. We had a lot of very positive feedback following our exhibition and people wanted to know when our students' buildings would start to be built." 

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