CIOB Art of Building Winner

14 Sep 2012

Roof in Colours named overall winner in CIOB Art of Building Photography Contest

This week the winner of the CIOB Art of Building Photography Competition was announced. The image illustrates a man in amongst bright orange and green tiles randomly scattered across a roof as he appears to be piecing them together. This image belongs to Ines Costa, a pharmacist in Lisbon, Portugal which managed to fight off the eleven other photographs in the final shortlist.

The winning photo, entitled ‘Roof in Colours,' depicts the construction of a modern terracotta-coloured temple roof in Bangkok. "This man is building art! I spotted him whilst on holiday in Bangkok. It was very inspiring to see how he chose the colours and put the tiles onto the temple roof," comments Ines Costa. It was reported that Costa, delighted with her success, has planned to use her prize of £2,000 to buy a new lens and other photography equipment to further her exploration in the field.

In total thousands of votes worldwide were counted up in order for a winner to be selected which reflected the global interest in this competition. The CIOB brief has always been to encourage people to explore and discover the ‘art' of buildings as well as celebrate creativity in the construction industry. This competition has successfully reflected this with the finalist pieces gathered from a range of countries including India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam and Uruguay.

This year the judges included two renowned architects, Peter Murray and Maxwell Hutchinson. During the selection, the traditional orange hues in the image particularly caught the panels' eye and ‘shone through in Costa's composition.' Hutchinson commented, "The orange tiles are reminiscent of older European buildings. There's something almost humorous about this colourful, uplifting composition."

Alongside a selection of the 2012 Art of Building competition finalists, ‘Roof in Colours' will feature in a charity auction later this year. The event is organised by Article 25, a development and disaster relief organisation. All money raised is going towards a major project to build hurricane and earthquake resilient schools in Haiti.

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