Game changer

12 Sep 2012

Space Group designs new urban area centred around Lexington's basketball arena

#Free Rupp solidifies the Lexington Brand as the home of one of the preeminent basketball programs in America, while creating a thriving and flexible development plan for the Rupp Arena Arts and Entertainment District in downtown Lexington. The approach to Lexington's Rupp Arena Arts and Entertainment District is indicitive of the company's collective intelligence process.  

Through intense client and public interaction, The RAAED Masterplan became a framework for future development, not a prescribed building plan. Rather than trying to anticipate every need of the district over the next 50 years, the plan outlines the first catalytic steps, then develops a set of rules to aid the decision making process as future needs arise. The plan shows the client's hopes for the future of the district, while allowing flexibility in its development concerning program recommendations.  

For both the Convention Center and Rupp Arena to expand and provide for future growth in the process, something's got to give. By building a new Convention Center (de-laminated from the arena) and relocating the retail in Lexington Center to Main Street, Rupp Arena will be liberated and become a singular object with a new relationship to Lexington's downtown.

Once the Arena is liberated, a new urban opportunity is created, as it becomes a true point of reference for the new downtown precinct. Space Group is an actor in the dynamic critical system of SPACE. The company's approach to Architecture and Urbanism is straightforward and effective; process-orientated. An open system for change and feedback, research and development - social, architectural and programmatic.

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