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12 Sep 2012

MAD redsigns business park to meet 21st century needs

Forus, Stavanger, is one of Norway's largest business parks and the competition-site includes the HQ of world-leading Oil-company Statoil. The area is a typical example of how form follows function, with an extremely efficient infrastructure and generous space for each company.

That is, the functions that was prominent in the 60's. Today, the needs of global offshore-companies are the opposite of what local business demanded forty years ago. Forus is nowhere. It is a fragmented mess where the local qualities have disintegrated in a sprawl of roads, parking, random greenery and suburbian housing.

The new demands are branding, high-quality work environment and sustainable solutions. So MAD makes this the heart of a new destination: A distinct centre of gravity that introduces a sense of place in an area with no urban logic whatsoever. MAD intends to supply a world-leading workforce with an environment to match their ambitions.

Destination Forus introduces a clear, robust and effective masterplan: A high-density building mass forms a frame, where all entrances are oriented inwards, addressing the large, central park. Between the building-fronts and the green, there is an inner road, serving each building and creating the projects inner pulse. Open for cars, but with no parking and tailored for walking, bikes and public transport, this infrastructure will also provide a city-floor for social activity.

The park itself, open and accessible for everyone, is programmed not to be programmed in a traditional sense. At the centre of the nation's most demanding, high activity work-environment, MAD is introducing the counterpart: A place for contemplation. A space that just is.

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