Reinventing the 'world's favourite playground'

12 Sep 2012

Redesign aims to bring tourism and growth back to Atlantic City

Facing numerous challenges from increased gaming competition, lack of investment and a negative perception of the City's safety, cleanliness and street experience, the new urban master plan sets out to increase tourism through a strategic framework of near-, mid- and long-term urban interventions to transform it into the preferred coastal resort destination of the region. Creating a clean, green, safe city that pays homage to its storied history and takes advantage of its waterfront setting, the master plan promotes a wide range of attractions. Two major concepts essential to the plan - experiential visioning & urban regeneration - revolve around creating excitement, identity, cohesion and connection among distinctive places through fundamental urban planning.

A vibrant, pedestrian-orientated streetscape around and along the casinos enhance the urban experience by utilising a new programmed Boardwalk entertainment zone entirely uninterrupted from Revel to Hard Rock. People will be immersed in outdoor events and an active round-the-clock street scene, highlighted by Icons of Experience: the South Inlet Wind Sculpture, Midtown Concert Shell and the animated Downbeach Light Show - collectively designed to provide a setting for year-round festivals, seamless pedestrian linkages and a thriving urban street scene.

A renewed, entertainment-driven Boardwalk, along with the transformations of Pacific and Atlantic Avenues as vibrant public experiences, will lead to further investment and development in the Arcades District, Park Place District and South Inlet areas. Spaces will be designed for the pedestrian with high density developments consisting of: residential, non-gaming hotel resorts similar in scale to the existing casino hotels and new shopping, dining and entertainment attractions at street level.

Attracting more people in massive numbers is the goal of the urban master plan. More tourism will provide a revenue-generating catalyst for future large-scale redevelopment, including major mixed-use and public park space.

The new Atlantic City will engage a broad audience that seeks a youthful state of mind with high energy and excitement - an escape from the urban or suburban monotony of work and daily routine - culminating in a place where fun is infinite. The plan creates a universal and timeless attraction appealing to visitors of all ages.

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