Rejuvenating the 'Dragon Head' of Kowloon

12 Sep 2012

Arup study aims to transorm Hong Hong quarry into vibrant urban development

This study revitalises the Anderson Road Quarry (ARQ) at a visually prominent location of Kowloon – the nine dragons that form the mountain backdrop of the Peninsula ('Kowloon' means 'nine dragons' in Chinese). The vision is to turn this urban scar into the 'head of the dragons' by creating a green community that boosts the civic pride of residents in this relatively low-income district.

In the past decades, ARQ has been fueling the development of the city by providing quality construction materials to numerous high-profile projects such as the Hong Kong International Airport. A Quarry Park and a Quarry Museum are therefore featured in the future plan of ARQ to continue its legacy. A 17-hecatre Quarry Park is an active recreational space to engage people in this living heritage. Within the ex-quarry, people can feel first-hand the rusticity of a quarry and pursue active sports such as rock-climbing and skateboarding. The dramatic rockface also provides a natural setting for lookouts capturing the skyline of the City. With the proposed viewing deck at 310mPD, visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon East.

The Quarry Museum, on the other hand, allows people to relax and reminisce the glorious past of ARQ by tracing the quarrying history of Hong Kong. The Quarry Museum is to be housed in a cavern that adds to its charm. It provides a new perspective for the new generations to learn about the history of the territory.

The ARQ is located on an elevated location. A 'Civic Core' is therefore proposed to create a vibrant and legible public realms that encourages exchanges between future residents in ARQ and those living downhill. With its diverse programme, ample open space and active building frontages, the Civic Core becomes the converging point between old and new residents in the district. It facilitates interactions between different social strata and develop people’s sense of belonging in this new community.

An extensive two-stage community engagement exercise has proven strong public acceptance to the scheme. From a productive quarry to distinctive community cum recreational destination, ARQ is once again leading in the development of the territory.

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