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11 Sep 2012

Rechner Architects completes new bus terminal in Osijek

The idea for this new bus station was created in 2007, when the city of Osijek published an invitation to tender for the construction of a new bus station in Osijek on the principle of public-private partnerships. The tender required high quality architectural, and an economically best solution, in terms of construction cost, maintenance and usage. Architect's office Rechner Ltd. from Osijek, were hired by one of the greatest Croatian construction companies 'Osijek Koteks Inc.', together winning the design competition.

The problematic task was to design the bus station up to A category, which means high quality  contemporary architecture, whereas Osijek Koteks Inc. offered the best economic conditions of financing, construction, maintenance and usage.

The design solution was in many ways defined by its placement in the urban tissue. The longitude of the city situated on river Drava is reflected even in the positioning of the Bus station building on the parcel.

The urban transport terminal is located on the east, the most contracted side of longitudinal parcel, with a tram station, five platforms for urban transport buses, taxi stand, a large square with dominated roof surface and oblique high wall which points toward the entrance of the building and also separates the platforms from external access.

A slightly wavy dominant roof surface substantially shelters the bus terminal building on all sides, especially over the bus platform and the access of the square, which gives the association of a pleasant bus ride, like sailing on low and long waves.

The building's 'weight' dematerialises through glass surfaces of building facades, with a distinctive horizontality of glazed fields. The bus station is characterised by extreme modernity, both in design and idea, as well as in performance and function.

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