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11 Sep 2012

Aeroproject designs new air terminal for Belgorod in Russia

Belgorod airport's development focused on the service radius, population size, aviation mobility, economics and location in the airport network. Belgorod has a high level of innovative activity and ptential for industrial growth, attracting investment to the area. A new terminal will provide comfort for passengers, increase Belgorod's competitiveness and profitability. Particular attention is given to passengers with disabilities.

The design incorporates modern equipment, information and energy efficiency technologies, with 100% baggage control. This terminal building is focused, modern architecture, reflecting social function, and a new symbol of the airport and the city. The two symmetrical 'wings' connect in the centre with a large arcueted form thrown over the building above the entrances. The wings create a porte-cochere over the sidewalk.

The building looks impressive from all viewpoints; like bird before takeoff. The view from the apron allows users toappreciate its vibrancy. The colours - the silver roof, glass of 'aquamarine colour with steel elements - is typical for aviation.

The main principles of the interior are openness and transparency, achieved through glazed facades offering a simultaneous panorama of the landside and apron. The most modern materials and equipment made it possible to crystallise the architectural idea. The complex roof configuration implemented in the steel frame system uses installed aluminum elements by Kalzip.

Planar glazing - one of the most innovative and advanced facade technologies - of 'Glass Fin' type provides heat insulation, sound and waterproofing. The "Schuko" structure is applicated locally, creating the effect of transparency and lightness. LED lighting is used both outside and in certain areas of the building.

The two-storey building, stairs, lifts and escalators by Tissen Krupp are provided between the levels. Automated rolling-swing doors by GEZE are installed at the entrances.

Located on the first level are check-in, departure and arrival of international and domestic passengers, self check-in desks and VIP waiting room. On teh second level there are waiting rooms and different concessions, while the third level houses offices. Engineering utilities are positioned below grade.

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