Interviews from Venice

10 Sep 2012

WAN talks to pavilion curators from across the globe at the Venice Biennale

During the opening of the 13th Venice Biennale this summer, WAN met up with a variety of international curators to discuss the ideas and concepts of their national pavilions.

First up was a tour of the Australian Pavilion with the creative directors Anthony Burke and Gerard Reinmuth followed by taking part in exhibitor Richard Goodwin's installation piece, by going on a boat trip across Venice. The theme of the Australian Pavilion challenges traditional perceptions of what it is to be an architect, showcasing the work of six innovative architectural groups. Read more about the Australian Pavilion here

Later that afternoon, WAN visited the Canadian Pavilion to chat to Winnipeg-based 5468796 Architecture and Jae-Sung Chon, to walk thorugh the beautiful wooden landscape built inside the pavilion where the migration of people and socio-political borders are questioned. To read the discussion with curators Jae-Sung Chon and Johanna Hurne click here

WAN's final stop before leaving sunny Italy was an interview with Ole Bouman, curator of the Dutch Pavilion. Unlike the previous two pavilions, Ole with architect Petra Blaisse came together to highlight the vacancies in buildings and how to re-invent the space within them. To see Ole's comments click here

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