The core of this brief was to reinvent traditional notions of a gentleman's lifestyle in a modern context - by refashioning old world design highlights into the ubiquity of cutting-edge technology in the heart of Singapore.

The apartment was first reconfigured, with mirrored panels positioned to benefit from the spectacular panoramic views throughout the communal space and into the kitchen - all of which served to enhance the overall entertainment experience. Beside it, a curvilinear ebony wooden desk was specially customized to fit the new library and study area. Workspace utility was taken into account throughout - the dining table serves as a personal conference area, television provides video conferencing feeds, and seating area in living room for casual meetings.

A curved-dome cage encased in glass, reinforced by a structure of titanium-coated stainless steel houses an unusual brasserie-style kitchen - this central object ties together the surrounding spaces. Vertical stainless steel inlays were also placed on the conspicuous column situated at the centre of the room to reflect the natural flow of light, thereby visually lengthening height whilst diminishing its sheer width.  

An extension of the entertainment space is the theatrette, which doubles up as a guest room with a sofa bed and fully fitted wardrobe concealed behind mahogany panelling. Simultaneously functioning as a gentleman's cigar room, music and reading room, the heart of the fully integrated home automation and entertainment system that defines the state-of-the-art lifestyle of a modern man.

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