Gateway to the future

10 Sep 2012

HOK designs a hub of transportation connectivity

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) will be a world class transportation gateway to Orange County, California, the 5th most densely populated county in the United States. ARTIC will link freeways, major arterial roadways, bus, taxi and rail systems, as well as bike and pedestrian pathways in one central location.

Located on 16 acres, ARTIC will serve the transportation needs of a population of more than three million people in 34 cities. The project’s 68,000 sq ft will include retail spaces, restaurants, ticketing and waiting areas, and will serve as a grand hall for community uses. It will anchor the Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC), a high-capacity, fixed-guideway transit system, and be the southern terminus of the California High Speed Rail which will link the State’s southern and northern urban centers.

As a visual symbol and regional landmark, ARTIC creates an iconic building with a signature sculptural shape that announces its presence in a dramatic fashion. The unique catenary shape creates a visually stunning and spatially inviting facility, conveying lightness and transparency. The 188 ft longspan and 110 ft vaulting grid shell eliminates the need for roof-supporting columns, allowing for maximum planning flexibility. The variety of facade systems and materials work together to integrate complex geometry, facade technology for ETFE, glass and metal panel rain screen systems and structural performance parameters for the diagrid steel shell structure.

This iconic building will orient terminal patrons with clear, navigable thoroughfares that result in easy connections between all transportation modes. The ARTIC project anticipates LEED® Platinum certification. ARTIC combines the heritage and civic importance of the grand 19th Century rail stations of the past with the size, scale and complexity of today’s modern airport terminals.

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