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10 Sep 2012

10 Design and Buro Happold design stunning bridge for Zhuhai

The competition brief called for a functional and iconic bridge structure that would mark and facilitate the main road crossing the Pearl River channel into the newly created ShizimenHengqin CBD.

The future bridge will be highly visible from Zhuhai to the north and Macau to the East, reinforcing the clients desire to build a landmark structure and representing the aspirations of the up and coming city of Zhuhai and its inhabitants.

The 10Design team, in collaboration with Buro Happold, set out to create a simple and elegant structural solution, responding to the client's brief and aspirations as well as to the complex coastline conditions. The winning scheme proposes an asymmetric span, challenging common bridge design conventions. This form is comprised of an undulating structural ribbon wrapping the six lane road deck in a continuous sculptural loop form, tying together two simple parabolic arches and splitting the bridge into two simpler smaller spans. At low levels, the loop cradles the road deck, with the structural ribbon then soaring upwards to create two triangulated arch forms.

These triangular gateways, one primary and one secondary support the road deck over two separate and distinct spans via suspension cables. The primary triangulated gate is 100m in height and by diagonally crossing the deck of the bridge creates a gateway entrance into the future CBD, celebrating not only the crossing of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, but also the meeting point of the canal with the Pearl River Delta.

The continuity of the loop structure is visible from the opposite mainland shoreline to the east, and appears as a dramatic free standing infinity loop. This simple, elegant structure makes a strong formal statement, and, when reflected in the water, creates a figure of eight form, a sign of prosperity in Chinese culture.

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