A new educational concept

10 Sep 2012

New school has a positive impact on students, teachers and also the wider Sickla and Stockholm area

Sickla kunskapsgalleria - "Sickla knowledge mall" is a new concept for education where private and municipal teaching at upper secondary and post-upper secondary level areintegrated with other activities such as restaurants, cafés and other services. Nyréns arkitektkontor have designed the architecture and the interiors for the three main tenants
where each part and education branch has been given its own identity. The building and interior design, in particular, enhance the possibilities for the diversity of people and educations to exchange experiences and create synergies that have a positive impact on students, teachers and also the wider Sickla and Stockholm area.

The building, that has capacity for over 1200 students and other users, is part of the aim to make the Sickla area a meeting place for a wide range of people. It is a regenerated old industrial area which has been highly successful with the local community as it comprises a shopping centre, offices, a movie theatre, a museum, sports facilities and many restaurants and cafés. Sickla kunskapsgalleria is a welcome addition, bringing students here that further enriches this part of the city. Further to the education of music, science and business training, the learning environment is complemented by Didaktus training for preschool
teachers and nurses and circus school Circus le Fou. The former abandoned industrial area has grown to be a vibrant, fun and cultured environment.

The impression of the exterior of the building varies greatly depending on where you are standing.The south facing view, towards Järlaleden, shows the facade formed into landings to mirror the housing on the opposite side of the road. The balconies that run along the full length of the building on this side have several functions; to reduce the scale of the building,provide sun screens and create outdoor spaces and evacuation routes for tenants.

The central atrium of kunskapsgallerian with its open staircase acts as a unifying theme. Off the atrium on each floor there are communal areas, hubs for meetings and breaks.

The entrance facade is a large split-level room with space for information services and administration along the outward-facing restaurant. Throughout the building, the rooms have high ceilings and plenty of daylight. The design creates and enhances active studios with flexible, light spaces that can easily cope with the changes and lively activities it is used for.

There are two tooth-shaped lanterns that bring daylight to the upper floors. The central stairwell that runs through the building from north to south, end in two large glass bays on the long facades.

The lanterns, the external stairwells and the brick-red plaster finish, create a modern, industrial look that reflects its context and historical setting well

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