Wellness in the building design

07 Sep 2012

Wellness has literally been built into the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre

The Centre delivers cutting-edge clinical care in a tranquil environment that reduces stress on patients, visitors and staff. The building was designed to maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impacts. Building systems were selected to maximise comfort levels, such as the choice of passive chilled beams over air conditioning. Natural light has been harnessed and natural finishes, colours and textures used, to create a sense of bringing the outdoors inside.

Pivotal to its design, the facility offers patients and staff continual access and visual connection to the central courtyard which is gently wrapped and nurtured by the building facade. The design of the courtyard promotes wellness through restorative offerings of light, air, distraction and sustainability to both staff and patients of the facility - seamlessly connecting therapeutic and treatment environments with nature. The building is supported with intuitive way-finding, organised around two strong circulation axes.

The intersection of these axes organically culminates in the main entry space with direct links to Zeltner Hall, Radiation and Oncology Services, and into the existing Lance Townsend building. Waiting areas are deliberately small, with patients encouraged to relax and enjoy the Wellness Centre and Info Lounge or have a coffee whilst waiting for their appointment.

In Day Oncology, the treatment areas have been designed so patients can choose to have privacy or mingle with fellow patients, looking out onto the calming leaves of the 'tree of life'. Stages 2a + 2b incorporate two acute cancer wards, a palliative care ward, office space over four levels as well as a full fitout of the laboratory and associated research support spaces. Designed in partnership with McConnell Smith and Johnson.

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