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07 Sep 2012

3XN releases images of sensitive station project in Central Stockholm

Stockholm City Station will mark the entrance to Stockholm's inner city centre and integrates the station, a hotel and conference centre along with apartments. The main idea behind the design by architects 3XN was to create a building that gently adjusts to the area's existing building in scale and expression, reinterpreting a number of local Swedish design traditions.

"Stockholm is a beautiful historic city, and therefore new architecture must be very sensitive to the traditions and characteristics that define the city's architectural traditions", explains 3XN's Principal and Creative Director Kim Herforth Nielsen.

Stockholm City Station is divided into four smaller volumes, each of which, through height and scale, adapts to the streets and buildings that they are adjacent to. "Our analysis showed that Stockholm has an architectural tradition of marking corners with towers. It is, for example the case of historic buildings such as the Kung Towers in the Norrmalm district, and we have chosen to continue these characteristics in Stockholm City Station", says Kim Herforth Nielsen.

The building contains a number of public and private functions, and will thus contribute positively to creating life in the surrounding neighbourhood. The lower level offers an internal street access to the underlying station, from where there is a connection to Stockholm's central station as well as subway and local train lines.

Located in the higher levels of the building will be the hotel, conference centre and the apartments. Three of the four volumes will have green roof terraces offering a splendid view of the Swedish capital. The facade is formed as a relief, so that the appearance of the building will vary depending on the angle from which it is viewed. 3XN have proposed to use quality materials typical of Stockholm's architecture.

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